Chris Collingwood ONE OAR IN THE WATER

About That Guy Chris

Two-time Grammy loser Chris Collingwood is a singer, songwriter, and
cofounder of the rock group Fountains of Wayne. Since 1996, his career
has included occasional chart success, extensive touring throughout
America, Europe, and Japan, and a brief appearance in a hit video with
a pole-dancing supermodel.

When not touring, Collingwood enjoys reading books about politics and
evolutionary biology, yelling at the TV, and hacking various
electronic devices until they don’t work anymore.

2 thoughts on “About That Guy Chris

  1. You hurt my feelings and that’s why I stopped blogging about you. You make fun of blogs, implying that those who partake are losers, but then I see this. WTH? You’re a confusing dude.

  2. I don’t think people who blog are losers. Having spent most of my childhood being called words like that, I’d like to think I’m not the kind of person who divides people into those kinds of categories. I do get angry over politics and I lash out at conservatives but that’s because they say things that are bananas.

    And I make fun of Tom Brady because fuck him.

    As for “blog” and “microblog,” they’re just hilarious words and there’s no subtext or even a joke to get. I laugh when I read them and maybe the sad thing is I am in fact the worst blogger/tweeter because it rarely occurs to me that other people actually read this stuff.


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