Chris Collingwood ONE OAR IN THE WATER

May 31 – June 2: Syd, Freedy, The Shinolas and Me

Let’s Revue, they’re calling this thing. Jim from The Shinolas had been talking about taking it on the road for a couple years now, and I’m glad it’s finally happening.

Three nights in three different theaters in Connecticut and Massachusetts, with Freedy JohnstonSyd Straw and myself. The Shinolas will hold the stage throughout, punishing your unworthy headholes with grisly, bone-vaporizing, gory riffs.

Shinolas Tour

I’ve mentioned here before how exciting it is to play with Freedy. He’s been a big influence on me and pretty much everyone else I play music with, and he’s a decent chap to boot.

I’ve known Syd for years as well. Many will know her in her role as a vocalist for the Golden Palominos, a supergroup of sorts whose other rotating personnel included Michael Stipe, Richard Thompson, and Matthew Sweet. Syd has a powerful voice and her songs range from rootsy pop to beautiful, lonesome, occasionally autobiographical ballads.

And the Shinolas, everyone knows by now, are the tightest band in New England.

We’ll be playing our own sets, some duets, probably whatever else feels right. Hope to see you there.


May 31: Katharine Hepburn Theater, Old Saybrook, CT

June 1: The Narrows Center, Fall River, MA

June 2: Summerwind, Windsor, CT