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Big Dipper Shows This Week

I’m doing three shows with Boston’s legendary Big Dipper, who were the kings of the local music scene when I lived in Boston in the early 1990s, back when I still liked music and went to see bands almost every night. These guys are quirky and literate and give off a strange infectious energy that makes you sing along before you know the words. Here’s a track from their new record, about Guided By Voices frontman Robert Pollard:

See what I mean?

I got to know their drummer Jeff and his wife Tracy after they turned up at a couple Fountains of Wayne shows and we got to talking about pop music and sunshine and cancer, yup, cancer. Tracy told me they were spending her “cancerversary” at a FOW show, which is a happy thing and not the Cannibal Corpse song it sounds like.

JeffTracyMeJeff, Satan, Tracy

I’m really excited not only to see Big Dipper after all these years, but also because I’m doing the Northampton gig with the tightest band I know, the Shinolas, about whom I wrote on here before. I’ll have more to say about them soon.

Show info:

1/31, 7pm, The Iron Horse, Northampton, MA

2/2, 9pm, The Middle East, Cambridge, MA

2/9, 7:30pm,  The Mercury Lounge, NYC