Chris Collingwood ONE OAR IN THE WATER

October 27: Stageit.com, Live from South & Brewster in Northampton, MA, 10PM EDT

I’ll be doing a solo set next Saturday at South & Brewster salon in Northampton, MA. The place is brand spankin new and co-owned by friend of FOW Brad Thayer. Some of you may remember Brad because he was a roadie for the band when we toured with Matchbox 20 in what may or may not have been 2003. Here are Brad, Julia, and Sara in their posh new digs:

Anyway, this shit was Brad’s idea and it seemed like a good one to me. What’s more, it’ll be streaming on Stageit.com. I’ve never done one of these things before, and truth be told, I’m not a very good self-promoter. I hope some of you drop by the website and check it out while it’s happening. My friend Mike Viola does these things all the time, and apparently it’s a great way to interact with a (virtual) audience. In a way, it’s kind of like being in the same very small room with a sickly looking dude playing songs and making jokes that aren’t funny.

A word or two about Stageit.com:

Some people have been confused because the site has a big “50” in the corner when you click that you want to attend. This doesn’t mean $50. Because it’s set up for international access, Stageit uses “notes” instead of dollars, or euros, or yen. Each note is 10 cents, meaning the suggested contribution is $5.00 US.

There will be a live audience of about 30 people, I think.

I’m hoping to do more Stageit shows, right here in my home studio, once my topless rollerskating housekeepers come in and clean up all the boxes and assorted pieces of percussion all over the floor.