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August 5: Summer Wind in Windsor, CT with The Shinolas and Freedy Johnston

I met Jim Chapdelaine a few years ago when a friend of mine was recording in his studio. Like Wallace Stevens before him, Jim is a legend in Hartford, CT. Producer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and engineer, Jim has worked on many, many recordings you already know, and is probably mixing something right now that you’ll hear on TV next week, maybe “Shark Eating Tourist” or “Delicious Yogurt in E Flat.”  When he’s not doing that, he also kicks ass as the frontman of the Shinolas, an unbelievably tight and energetic band that draws big crowds weekly.

I’ve sat in with the Shinolas a couple times. I did some of my songs and a couple Ricky Nelson songs and had a blast. This show will feature sets by the Shinolas, then the Shinolas backing both me and Freedy Johnston. Many will know Freedy from this:


It’s a shame if that’s the only one you know, though, because Freedy has an amazing catalog of effortless, breezy pop songs. Robert Christgau called his 1992 record “Can You Fly” a “PERFECT ALBUM,” which is a downright weird thing to say about any album.

I don’t know anything about this venue other than what I can see on the website here. Looks like a very cool miniature Tanglewood, with a big lawn to hang out and a canopied stage. And if my hunch is correct, probably some sort of free topless massage area and an endless hot dog buffet.

In closing, here is a picture of Kansas, a band I can only assume is from Freedy’s home state of Kansas:

And here is a picture of the poster for this event:

I hope you can make it.